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Enjoy tourism in Normandy, especially Vernon and Giverny.

Around tourism

collegiale-vernonBarette-Vernon place – 4 minutes walk

Notre-Dame collegial is a romanic time building, (end of the XI th century), but the construction has continued during the Gothic period to end at the XVII th century.

With its cruciform plans, the Collegial is Romanic representative and Gothic periods.

chateau-de-bizy30 minutes walk

Bizy castle, built in the XVIIIth century by Coutant d’Ivry for Fouquet, Duc de Belle Isle and Maréchal de France, is famous for its stables inspired by Versailles. Inside, we can find stunning woodwork and tapestries from the XVIIIth centuries, a lot of Napoleon’s memories.

poulain 5 minutes walk

The museum has been open in 1983 and has the name of a local archeologist ou gave his collection in 1927.
Museums origins are more ancient. In 1862 M. de Brécourt heirs offerd to the city a range of 2000 naturalized birds and other donations.At the beginning he museum was specialized in fine art, then archeology with A.G. Poulain.

vieux-moulin3 minutes walk : at the corner of Carnot and Saint-Sauveur streets

Vernon symbol, the Vieux Moulin is still standing between two pillars of the ancient bridge of Vernon. It’s easy to see it from the Clemenceau Bridge or from Les Tourelles garden.

to visit nearby

fondation-claude-monnet84 Rue Claude Monet, 27620 Giverny

Giverny is a small town, 4 km away from Vernon, mainly known for the Claude Monet’s house, famous impressionism painter. “I’m in the delight, Giverny is a splendid country according to me…” he wrote only one month after setting up in Giverny.

chateau-roche-guyon15 minutes by car

Leaned to the chalks cliffs of the Seine, it’s a piece of history which has crossed the history.

Surprising architectural synthesis of the past 10 centuries, the Roche-Guyon castle is evolving in a stunning landscape, with subtle lights, important for impressionists.

Chateau_gaillard25 minutes by car

Construction began in 1196 under the auspices of Richard the Lionheart, who was simultaneously King of England and feudal Duke of Normandy.
Gaillard castle has a complex and advanced design, and uses early principles of concentric fortification; it was also one of the earliest European castles to use machicolations. It’s now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

chateau-amblevilleAmbleville, 20 minutes by car

It’s a Renaissance Castle, inside a range of italian garden (waterfall way), a real grass and water theatre created by Salviati-Borghèse.
Ambleville gardens are classified as “Remarkable gardens” are composed by 3 terraces. It has been created by the Villefranche Marquise when she bought the castle in 1028 to the Charles Sedelmeyer heirs.

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